Ocean Tricks and Pranks

My first game

“Ocean Tricks and Pranks” were created with the youngest ones in mind. Children’s needs change along with their development. The game was designed in such a way as to allow kids to enjoy playing it for as long as possible.

It has several variants, all of which are adapted to the cognitive capabilities of both two-year-olds and four-year-olds. The game stimulates the development of logical thinking and manual dexterity, and allows to train memory skills.

While playing it, children learn to cooperate and cope with defeat. The time spent together brings the child and the parent (or guardian) closer, and helps strengthen the bond between them.

In the box:

  • 3 game variants
  • 4 fun role-plays
  • Big elements
  • Tips for parents
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Trefl Little Planet is a series of unique products for children, designed to support their development and to provide parents with ready-made and well-tried play ideas.

We believe that having fun together brings about a lot of happiness and smiles. And this is what the series is like — joyful and full of great small discoveries!

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